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Developing the Active Participation of African Women in Science, Technology and Innovation: The Entrepreneurial Approach

The International Institute for Science, Technology and Education (IISTE)


This work is concerned with using entrepreneurship to augment the active participation of women in science, technology and innovation, both for self improvement and societal benefits. It explores the fact that entrepreneurship is a subject that is devoted to finding solution to daunting problems not only in the area of business but also in other areas of human endeavour and self improvement. It is argued that since women constitute about half of humanity and have proven competence, underutilizing their entrepreneurial capacity is a major source of poverty, therefore efforts should be made to positively harness this huge potentials for prosperity and reduction of hunger. The problem of women as entrepreneurs has been explained as originating from mere stereotyping of duties entrenched in cultures and other social norms which restrict the utilization of the vast energy and competencies in women. Entrepreneurship has been established as the only means of narrowing these divides, it can help women to form networks and access necessary infrastructure for ICT capability and usage. It can increase their communication power, expose them to influences and best practices and hence prepare them to partake fully in creative, science, technology and innovative skill. This way, women will be integrated into socio-economic reckoning and policy making status. Keywords: Active participation, African women, Science Technology and Innovation Development, Entrepreneurial approach and supportive education.

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