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[The] crisis of the intellectuals in the United Arab Republic, especially as reflected in Muhammad Hasanayn Haykal’s Azmat al-muthaqqafīn

McGill University
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  • United Arab Republic -- Intellectual Life
  • Haykal
  • Muhammad Hasanayn. Azmat Al-Muthaqqafīn
  • Political Science


Concerned with mobilizing its populace for a sunnner swing tosocialism in 1961, the government of the U. A. R. was pressed toresolve its conflicts with the intellectuals. Muhammad HasanaynBaykal, through ms editorial. columns in al-Ahr8m endeavored tooutline the tensions which existed between Itthe revolutionary drivingforce" and the intellectuals and then to suggest ways to minimize themwithin the context of the country's developing pains. Although hisefforts appear appropriate for vlooing the technical intelligentsiaand the general public to the socialist schemes, casualties of hisdiscussion are a complete and profound interpretation of intellectualsin crisis and therefore the self-defined "truelt intellectual. Haykal'sremarks have been evaluated against a background of developments inthe U. A. R. especially before end after 1961.

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