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Knowledge spillovers and industrial transformation: the west Midlands and Saxony automotive clusters

Edward Elgar
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Book synopsis: This insightful book contributes to a better understanding of regional structural transformation in the context of globalisation and technological changes, and the formation and evaluation of more differentiated policy making in this area. Many of the basic characteristics of mature regions are very different from those of buoyant or emerging regions. As such, many of the insights gained from the latter may not be appropriate or relevant for the development of mature industrial regions. This book deals with the basic arguments as to why this may be so. It focuses on the critical issues relating to the technology, knowledge, and industrial structure of mature regions, and the challenges that these pose for policies designed to promote such regions.What becomes clear is that there is no such thing as a 'typical' mature region. Regional capabilities are clearly context-specific and the detailed knowledge of the local policymaker therefore becomes essential. "Technological Change and Mature Industrial Regions" explicitly adopts an inter-disciplinary approach to analysing structural transformation of mature regions. The major focus of the book is from an economics perspective, although the book also employs sociological analyses, business history approaches and technological analyses. It will be of invaluable interest to academic researchers and also the government and policy community.

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