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Notes on a collection of Phyllosoma larvae from The coastal waters of Andhra Pradesh

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  • Eggs And Larvae


On a cruise of R. V. Skipjack of the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, from 13.7.1983 to 18.7.1983, some pelagic trawl collections that were made off Visakhapatnam, in depths up to 550 m, were found to contain a few specimens of phyllosoma larvae of both palinurid and scyllarid lobsters. The area of collection was between Lat. 20.40'-21.07' N and Long. 87.20'-88.53' E. These larvae being collections from the region as far as known for the first time, an attempt was made at identifying them, making use of the accounts given by Berry (1974) Tampi and George (1975) and Prasad et al (1975). The results are presented in this contribution.

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