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Ispitivanje ovladanosti mađarskim kao stranim jezikom u sklopu državno akreditiranih ispitnih sustava u Mađarskoj

Crotian Philological Society
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  • MađArski Kao Strani Jezik
  • Cef
  • Hungarian As A Foreign Language
  • Cef
  • Education


Two factors make the testing of the Hungarian language as L2 a particularly current topic in discussions on the study of Croatian as L2. The first is the continuously growing interest in learning Hungarian as L2 in the world over the past fifteen years, which attracts a dynamic and complete development environment for learning, comprising mainly the methodology of education and well as the measurement of competence of Hungarian through various test systems. The second is the fact that through the coming into effect of recent laws in Hungary from September 2006 it is required that Hungarian language certificates on foreign language competence (e.g. state exam) be in line with the textsc{cef} system. The paper will briefly describe the process of change from the traditional system to so called state examining that took place in the last decade of the 20th century. Its mono-centric regime of evaluation and three levels of language competence were transformed to a new system fully adapted to European standards (textsc{cef}) which now dominates language learning and testing in Hungary. The paper will also briefly introduce institutional language testing (The Center for test accreditation, the right for state language testing, e.g. accredited place of testing, accreditation of testing program etc.). With more detail it will discuss criteria for certain competence levels of Hungarian as L2 in the system of textsc{cef}.

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