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Synthesis of mixed-metal Li/M, M/M' and mixed valence MI/MIII chelate amido complexes of the heavy Group 13 metals (M=In, Tl)

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  • F100 Chemistry


Reaction of the difunctional lithium amide H2C{CH2N(Li)SiMe3}22 (2) or its ether adduct H2C{CH2N(Li-THF)SiMe3}2 (3) with MCl3 (M=In, Ga, Tl) gave the mixed metal amides {CH2(CH2NSiMe3)2} 2M-Li(THF)2 (M=In: 4, Ga: 5, Tl: 6) which are highly fluctional in solution. Metal exchange of the thallium(I) amide with MCl3 yielded the mixed-metal/valent species {CH2(CH2NSiMe3)2}2M IIITlI (M=In: 7, Tl: 8) both of which were characterized by X-ray crystallography and found to have the trivalent metal at the centre of a distorted tetrahedral coordination sphere of the amide donors while the monovalent Tl atom bridges two such donor functions.

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