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LoLa: a modular ontology of logics, languages and translations

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  • Bc Logic
  • Qa75 Electronic Computers. Computer Science


The Distributed Ontology Language (DOL), currently being standardised within the OntoIOp (Ontology Integration and Interoperability) activity of ISO/TC 37/SC 3, aims at providing a unified framework for (i) ontologies formalised in heterogeneous logics, (ii) modular ontologies, (iii) links between ontologies, and (iv) annotation of ontologies. This paper focuses on the LoLa ontology, which formally describes DOL's vocabulary for logics, ontology languages (and their serialisations), as well as logic translations. Interestingly, to adequately formalise the logical relationships between these notions, LoLa itself needs to be axiomatised heterogeneously---a task for which we choose DOL. Namely, we use the logic RDF for ABox assertions, OWL for basic axiomatisations of various modules concerning logics, languages, and translations, FOL for capturing certain closure rules that are not expressible in OWL (For the sake of tool availability it is still helpful not to map everything to FOL.), and circumscription for minimising the extension of concepts describing default translations.

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