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Sonic Adventure DX (GCN) - Single-segment as Tails 0:21:18 - Mychal Jefferson

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  • Sonic Adventure
  • Gamecube


Single-segment speed run of Tails's story in Sonic Adventure DX done on August 18 2005. Available in three versions: low quality, normal quality, and 60 fps high quality. Timing note: The game's timer is used for all stages that display it (minus 10 seconds added at the end). Manual timing of all areas of the adventure field and sub games is added on. Comparing DC/GCN/PC versions should be possible with this system. Author's comments: Thanks to: - Radix, for doing his usual. - Nate, for converting from the primitive VHS to digital formatting. This run was just an impulse of last minute thinking. I originally intened to just do a Sonic SS run, however since I had extra time before the post office closed the day I recorded, I went ahead to view some tips and tricks from The Sonic Center, did a practice segment, then finalized with recording what you're downloading. A fun fact of this speedrun is that if Radix had approved the idea of speedrun additional content I would've included some footage of me gltiching myself into Emerald Hill as Tails, and also gltiching into the "Sonic only" portion of Speed Highway where Sonic runs down the building; as Tails of course. But Radix has mentioned too many times that this is Speed Demos Archive, not Miscellaneous Glitching Archive. Enjoy anyway!

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