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Facebook Posts Engagement Analysis – Case Study of the Leading e-Shop in the Czech Republic

  • Pavlicek, Antonin
  • Doucek, Petr
  • Novák, Richard
Publication Date
Sep 18, 2018
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This study examines shopping behavior and customers’ interests based on analysis of the content of Facebook posts. Identifies types of the post which are more likely to inspire purchase. Two main methods were used: a content analysis of posts on a Facebook page connected with data from marketing department and statistical analysis of these data. Posts were categorized by selected quantitative and qualitative criteria. Four research questions were selected, all hypotheses were evaluated by ANOVA and regression analysis. Findings: the relation between posts’ reactions on Facebook and revenues was not confirmed. Some relation between negative reactions and visits was found. The more negative reactions the more visits with quite high probability according to calculated correlation. Positive reactions do not correlate significantly with the number of visits. In case of a number of posts in categories dependence, a number of functional brand posts are dependent on the number of experiential brand posts and a number of sales promotion posts are dependent on the number of functional brand posts. Implications: Improve targeted advertising, carefully watch what types of post publish on social media, focus also on types of posts like employee, cause-related, experiential and customer relationship that should be used more and possibly combined with functional and emotional types of posts and watch out for positive and/or negative reactions more according to the results.

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