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Pressure Effect on Organic Conductors

Molecular Diversity Preservation International
Publication Date
  • Pressure
  • Organic Conductors
  • Ttf-Tcnq
  • Tsef-Tcnq
  • Hmtsf-Tcnq
  • (Tmtsf)<Sub>2</Sub>X
  • (Tmttf)<Sub>2</Sub>X
  • α-(Bedt-Ttf)<Sub>2</Sub>X
  • β-(Bedt-Ttf)<Sub>2</Sub>X
  • κ-(Medh-Ttp)<Sub>2</Sub>Asf<Sub>6</Sub>
  • τ-Type Conductor


Pressure is a powerful tool to unveil the profound nature of electronic properties in a variety of organic conductors. Starting from technology of high pressure, we plan to review what kind of physics or phenomena have previously been discussed.

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