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Fabrication, Structure and Mechanical and Ultrasonic Properties of Medical Ti6Al4V Alloys Part I: Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ti6Al4V Alloys Suitable for Ultrasonic Scalpel

  • zheyu, he
  • hao, he
  • lou, jia
  • yimin, li
  • dongyang, li
  • chen, yongzhi
  • liu, shaojun
Publication Date
Jan 19, 2020
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Ti6Al4V alloy has been considered as a key component used in ultrasonic scalpels. In this series of papers, the fabrication, structure, and mechanical and ultrasonic properties of medical Ti6Al4V alloys suitable for ultrasonic scalpel are studied systemically. These alloys with low elastic modulus and present a typical bimodal microstructure with relatively high &beta / phase content (~40%) and lamellar &alpha / thickness of &le / 0.9 &micro / m. In the first paper, the relationship between the microstructure and mechanical properties of hot-rolled Ti6Al4V alloys treated by heating treatment is discussed. In the second paper, the dependence of the ultrasonic properties on the microstructure of the heat-treated Ti6Al4V alloys is reported. With increasing solid solution temperature, the content and size of the primary &alpha / phase decrease. In contrast, the content and size of the lamellar &alpha / phase increase. Additionally, the &beta / phase content first increases and then decreases. The microstructure of Ti6Al4V alloys could be slightly changed by aging treatment. When the solid solution treatment temperature increases to 980 &deg / C from 960 &deg / C, the average size of the lamellar &alpha / phase in the alloys increases by 1.1 &micro / m. This results in a decrease in the average yield strength (93 MPa). The elastic modulus of alloys is mainly controlled by the &beta / phase content. The microstructure of alloys by solution-treatment at 960 &deg / C shows the highest &beta / phase content and lowest average elastic modulus of 99.69 GPa, resulting in the minimum resonant frequency (55.06 kHz) and the highest average amplitude (21.48 &micro / m) of the alloys at the length of 41.25 mm.

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