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Informovanost žen o rakovině děložního čípku

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ABSTRACT Informedness of women about suppository uterine cancer Cervical cancer is globally one of the most important female cancers. Annually in total about half million of women fall ill with this disease and over 250 thousand of women dies. The situation in the Czech Republic is also by no means satisfactory - every year 400 deaths are recorded. However, it is a type of cancer which can be quite successfully prevented. This issue is very topical today, therefore I chose as a topic for my bachelor thesis: {\clqq}Awareness of women about cervical cancer{\crqq}. The theoretical part consists of the most important information on this disease, diagnostics, therapies and prevention possibilities. In the practical part I tried to find out a degree of the awareness of this disease at girls and women and a frequency of attendances at the gynecological examinations. The research part was realized by a quantitative way, I chose an interrogation method, a questionnaire technique. Respondents were students from secondary schools in Žďár nad Sázavou and their mothers. The total survey obtained information from 90 girls and 75 mothers. A goal of my thesis was to map an awareness of women about cervical cancer, a partial goal was to find out an interest of women in a vaccination. Both intentions were met. At the beginning three hypotheses were set: 1. An awareness of this disease depends on an age, 2. Women are interested in the vaccination, 3. Women go for regular gynecological examinations. Only last hypothesis was confirmed from the three ones. The thesis and results can be used to improve the awareness of women and girls of this disease and to realize an importance of regular preventive examinations. It also may lead to greater media coverage of other prevention options, such as the vaccination and a healthy lifestyle. Then the practical part of the thesis can serve to schools, which could, based on the obtained data, focus on a better quality in educational activities for their students.

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