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ADS and CDS streamer generation as function of pulsed parameters

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926 IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON PLASMA SCIENCE, VOL. 36, NO. 4, AUGUST 2008 ADS and CDS Streamer Generation as Function of Pulse Parameters G. J. J. Winands, Z. Liu, E. J. M. van Heesch, A. J. M. Pemen, and K. Yan Abstract—Streamer plasmas can be used to remove pollutants from gases. As a result of the complex mechanisms involved during streamer initiation and propagation, the related knowledge is incomplete. During the last few years, extensive research was per- formed to determine typical streamer properties (such as velocity and dimensions) as a function of various pulse parameters. During the study, as presented in this paper, typical streamer velocities and diameters in the range of 105–106 m/s and 0.5–3.0 mm, respectively, were found. Index Terms—Gas discharges, imaging, pulse power system, velocity measurement. S TREAMER plasmas have drawn much attention duringthe last few years. This interest is the result of several aspects. Aside from being challenging fundamental physical phenomena to study, they also exhibit properties that make them useful in industrial applications. The energetic electrons present in the streamer can create radicals during dissociation collisions. These radicals induce chemical reaction pathways that, under the right circumstances, remove the pollutants from the gas [1]. Streamers are channellike discharges that propagate between two or more electrodes, under the influence of their self- induced electric fields. Only since the last few years has it been possible to visualize their generation and propagation, using state-of-the-art camera equipment. Streamers propagate with high velocities in the order of 105–106 m/s; moreover, they are light-weak phenomena. To obtain time-resolved information, fast-gate-speed intensified cameras can be used. Streamer appearance greatly depends on the applied voltage characteristic, reactor configuration, and gas conditions. In ad- dition to changes in appearance, the physical streamer proper- ties will also change under the

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