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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to T. W. Millen, Hy-Line Poultry Farms

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  • Bacteriophage Typing
  • Bacteriolysis
  • Staphylococcus


Ncve.dxw 19, 1951 Dr. T. ?i. &Glen Hylirte .hesszmh Laboratory Dallw Center, Ioaa :t 3.!ava .your [email protected] of rJooe&er 4. I regret 3hat cur work vrr phage does not include staphylococcus, so that 9 cannot bs of my direct assis- talm3 to you. The foliovln,q ocu-ment6 my be of come. we to ycu, however. According to the literature, there ia a hi&$&order of strain specificity In the interaotione of phage with staphylooocci: Tnerefore, a phage picked at riu144o;u d8 aotiua o:? on0 atit-iire d.@t not be l.i.kei;~- 3 Q3c jrr:r own. The *aoat di?IJat approach would M for you to attmpt to isolate a speoific phqp purmif . The best mwce would be frown the same place aa the baa- terin were isolatsd, although fecal rruapsnaiona and raw sewage should also be teatsd. As an alternative, the atrains dqht ba trant to someone who bus AI axtensivv aoilsctfon 4 stigh 'I'm lmet extmsiva wrk dma in ttiis country oh thLs mC,jcct: has been by Dr. Roy 2'. Fisk, Huntington &morial Ho¶pitcl, Pa;i&cnz Cr;lifcrnia, but about l-2 years ago (J. Inf. Dis., 71, 153 1?42). Zers extiansive atud-?es, e~lpsaiaUy on phage-typing of stqhylocccci of anind origt~, have been carried out recently at the Londori 3chool CL" [email protected] an? Tropical Medicine, Won #.I=. 1, E'flgimd, by Dr. H. stiliims 3nfth (J. lfgpieiPlgr4611;40$$, 1948), rend he 1~ lfkely to hma .ml.r=taihed his collection at the 2ondoh School. A3 Dr. TiUi:im Wth has inooed to snotha,- &dress, it might be better to send an erqulry to the care of the director. Please let me know if I can be of anybfurther assistance. An Australfan group has aLso worked axteaaively with this material, but in vies of the transport nuisanae, I did not mention them. Yars sincerely, i i, Joshua Lederberg Associate Professor of Genetics

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