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Maladministration outline procedures

Qualifications and Curriculum Authority


D5585.tif Maladministration outline procedures The guidelines below are for teachers, headteachers and members of the public who believe that a school may not have applied the correct administrative procedures for running the national curriculum tests. They explain what to do if maladministration is suspected and what steps will be taken to act on any issues raised. Purpose The aim of these arrangements is to safeguard the integrity of the national curriculum tests and the interest of pupils. The NAA's role is to ensure that the tests are administered correctly, that they are marked reliably and fairly and that results are reported accurately and on time. Pupils' test results should accurately reflect their test performance on the day. These procedures apply to investigations into allegations of maladministration from 2005 onwards only. General principles Monitoring • General guidance on monitoring the administration of national curriculum tests is available in the Assessment and reporting arrangements booklets available at for key stage 2 and for key stage 3 on the QCA website. • LEAs have a statutory duty to make unannounced monitoring visits to at least 1 0 per cent of schools in their authority before, during and after the test period. NAA is responsible for making monitoring visits to independent schools. • All staff engaged in monitoring activities will be fully trained in the required procedures and adhere to the NAA code of conduct • Procedures will be subject to annual review. • NAA will provide an annual report to QCA on the monitoring of national curriculum tests. Maladministration • NAA procedures for investigating maladministration are available to download from this web page. • All investigations will be fair, clear and rigorous. • All formal allegations of maladministration will be investigated. • Information specific to individual cases will remain confidential to involved parties. • All s

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