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Treatise on the Materia medica and Therapeutics of the Skin



Treatise on the Materia medica and Therapeutics of the Skin ¥-,—■■**•**« i,. ,1nipiwwi»p«iww*w»w*^wwiil m<mi>.'mm r>&w **n.fmmmm ■■■■■■■ * &, && wmmw^ mm Febkuaky, 1881. A TEEATISE MATERIA MEDICA AND THERAPEÜTICS OF THE SEIN BY HENRY G. PIFF ARD, AM., MI). Professor of Dermatology, Medlcal Department of the University of the City of New York; Sitrgeon to Charit// Hospital, etc. "Morbi epidermidem, epUhelium, cutim et cellulosae membranam afficientes tarn multi Bunt, ut vix in ordinem patianbur redigi; ex medicamentis autem qute maxiine ad eoruin morborum curationem sunt in usu, hie proponemus."— De GOKTEB (1740). NEW YORK WILLIAM WOOD & COMPANY 27 Gekat Jones Stkeet 1 SS 1 COPTEIÖHT WILLIAM WOOD & COMPANY 1881 Trow's Printing and Bookbinding Company 201-213 East izth Street New Yokk PREFACE. The following pages have been the outgrowth of the author's own requirements, as he early became satisfied tliat a knowleclge of the experience of the past shonld he the foundation on which to begin the study of the present. This conviction led to the collection of the material that forms the first part of this book. Believing that the In¬ formation thus obtained would prove as useful to others as it lias to himself, it is here offered in a form that will permit of ready refercnce. Long before the collection assnmed its present bulk, the author was sui'prised at the nnmber of drugs, that, on the testimony of observers, appeared to exert an influence on the skin. He did not feel warranted, however, in greatly cnrtailing the list, except in instances where suffi- cient experience appeared to throw very grave doubt on the accuracy of the recorded Observation s. A correct knowledge of the drugs that affect the skin, and the ways in which they act, naturally precedes their application. It is equally necessary to know when and how to apply them. This Infor¬ mation the author has endeavored to supply in the second portion of the work. He has deem

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