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Wikis for Collaborative Learning: A Case Study of Knowledge Management and Satisfaction among Teacher Trainees in Malaysia

Elsevier Ltd
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DOI: 10.1016/j.sbspro.2014.05.156
  • Wiki
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Student Satisfaction
  • Knowledge Management
  • Education


Abstract Wikis have been shown to be beneficial for collaborative learning. The knowledge management processes required during collaborative writing develops higher level cognitive skills. These processes are important for sustaining collaboration and innovation in the online learning environment. However, there does not seem to be many studies in the use of online collaborative workspaces or wikis among teacher trainees in Malaysia, and even less on the analysis of knowledge management processes. In this study, the knowledge management processes of teacher trainees is analysed and determined from a survey and interviews after completion of several collaborative tasks over a period of four weeks. A content analysis of the written documentation of the tasks on the wiki was done to verify the findings. In addition, a survey of the trainees’ satisfaction of the wiki tool and the use of the materials is determined. The results indicate that the knowledge management processes were used during the collaborative writing process, and that they were satisfied with the use of the wiki for learning. This study is significant as it is important for teacher trainees to develop knowledge management skills and to encourage the use of these skills while teaching in school.

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