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Study of the oral carriage ofCandidasp. in dental students and staff—Identification ofCandidasp. and background survey

Oral Science International
DOI: 10.1016/s1348-8643(13)00029-3
  • Oralcandida
  • Candidal Carriage
  • Healthy Volunteers
  • Background Survey
  • Biology
  • Education
  • Medicine


Abstract Purpose The purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between oral candidal carriage in able-bodied persons (dental students and staff) and health condition using a epidemiological method with questionnaire, and use the results for an educational campaign for the promotion of health. Methods The candidal carriage was examined by culture method using swabs from tongue surfaces. The identification of Candida spp. of the culture positive specimens was performed by a multiplex polymerase chain reaction method. Questionnaire items included age, gender, body mass index, pedometer use, oral conditions, regularity of hospital visits, medication, dental visits, oral care, exercise habits, alcohol habits, and smoking habits. Results A total 482 participants were surveyed over a period of two years, males: 269 (mean, 36 years); females: 213 (33 years). Oral candidal carriage was 18.3%. Candida albicans accounted for 80.7% of isolated Candida spp. After analysis using a stepwise method, three items (age, smoking habits, and exercise habits) were selected as the variables in the model. The adjusted odds ratios (95% confidence intervals) for the three model variables were 1.84 (1.10–3.08) for exercise habits, 1.93 (1.00–3.69) for smoking, and 0.96 (0.94–0.98) for age. Logistic regression analysis suggested an association between candidal carriage, exercise habits, and smoking. Conclusions Because lack of exercise, as well as smoking are well-known to be detrimental factors to the maintenance of good health, candidal carriers do not appear to be in a condition of good health. In other words, candidal carriage may be a health warning.

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