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Low Levels of HIV-1 Plasma Viral Load in Patients Infected with HIV-1 Subtype B and Advanced Immunosuppression

Journal of Infection
DOI: 10.1053/jinf.2000.0771
  • Biology
  • Medicine


Abstract Objectives: Some HIV-1 infected patients show low levels of viraemia despite having advanced immunosuppression. Cases with falsely undetectable viraemia by conventional PCR have been reported when patients were infected with non-B subtypes. The aim of this study was to investigate whether this immunovirological discordance can be due to the presence of HIV-1 non-B subtypes, and whether a modified PCR procedure can yield different HIV viraemia values in these cases. Methods: Fifteen HIV-infected patients either naive for antiretroviral drugs or under treatment, with HIV plasma viraemia below 1000 copies/mm3and CD4+ cell counts lesser than 500 or 300 cells/mm3, respectively, were included. Serotyping, genotyping and HIV plasmatic viraemia determinations were performed in all individuals. Results: In five out of six treatment-naive patients the virus was categorized as non-B subtype by serotyping, although only one case was confirmed by genotyping as HIV-2. Eight out of nine patients under antiretroviral therapy were subtype B carriers by serotyping and confirmed by genotyping. The remaining patient was determined as a subtype A carrier by both procedures. A modified PCR procedure (Amplicor HIV Monitor™ Test version 1.5) did not yield higher viral load levels than the former version. Conclusions: The presence of HIV-1 subtypes non-B can explain a minority of cases of this immunovirological discordance, but in most of them the reason is still unknown. Likewise, a PCR procedure adapted for detecting HIV-1 non-B subtypes fails to find higher plasma viraemia in patients with such a discordance.

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