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Effect of preparation temperature and grinding time of α-Fe2O3on its reactivity for MgFe2O4formation

Solid State Ionics
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DOI: 10.1016/0167-2738(93)90106-d


Abstract α-Fe 2O 3(500) and α-Fe 2O 3(1200) were prepared at 500°C and 1200°C, and ground for t m=0−300 min. The BET area ( S BET), median diameter ( D m), and crystallite size ( D c) of α-Fe 2O 3(500) were unchanged with t m, but α-Fe 2O 3(1200) showed increasing S BET and decreasing D m and D c. MgFe 2O 4 formed through surface reaction followed by the process obeying Jander's law. G rinding increased the fractional surface reaction. Jander's rate was constant for α-Fe 2O 3(500) and increased with t m for α-Fe 2O 3(1 200).

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