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Rigidity and strength of wall frames braced with metal strapping

Madison, Wis. : U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory
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• -(_ __/ , i;:/:'L - „- RIGIDITY AND STRENGTH Of WALL FRAMES BRACED WITH METAL STRAPPING sa in ma vir fun -au Ilets mimic March 19 INFORMAtION REVIEWED AND REAFFIRMED 1960 LOAN COPY Please return to: Wood Engineering Research Forest Products Laboratory Madison, Wisconsin 53705 No. 121603 UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE FOREST SERVICE FOREST PRODUCTS LABORATORY Madison 5, Wisconsin In Cooperation with the University of Wisconsin RIGIDITY AND STRENGTH OF WALL FRAMES BRACED WITH METAL STRAPPING By E. C. O. ERICKSON, Engineer Purpose and Scope Racking tests were made to study the behavior of horizontally sheathed wall panels braced with metal strapping in lieu of let-in and other typest,of bracing. Included also was a study of the effectiveness of metal-stiap, bracing as.influenced by variations in nailing and in number and position of straps. Data on panels with horizontal sheathing in combination with let-in diagonal braces and on panels with horizontal sheathing plone were obtained for comparison. Seven room-size panels without door or window openings were tested. These included five with metal-strap bracing, one with let-in diagonal braces in combination with horizontal sheathing, and one with horizontal sheathing only. All panels were constructed to be as nearly identical in both mate- rial and workmanship as possible. Likewise, the construction and method of test conformed as closely as possible to previous racking tests): Materials Framing, let-in bracing, and sheathing were of No. 1 dense (average specific gravity about 0.65 based on weight and volume when oven dry) southern yellow pine having a moisture content of about 12 percent. The framing material was 1-5/8 by 3-5/8 inches; the bracing, 25/32 by 3-5/8 inches; and the sheathing, 25/32 by 7-1/2 inches, all S4S. The metal strapping was 1.025 inches wide by 0.03 inch thick with 9/64-inch punched holes spaced at about 4-inch centers along the centerline of the strap. It was described as

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