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Off equilibrium dynamics in 2d-XY system

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  • [Phys:Cond:Cm_Gen] Physics/Condensed Matter/Other
  • [Phys:Cond:Cm_Gen] Physique/Matière Condensée/Autre
  • [Phys:Cond:Cm_Sm] Physics/Condensed Matter/Statistical Mechanics
  • [Phys:Cond:Cm_Sm] Physique/Matière Condensée/Mécanique Statistique
  • Dynamic Properties
  • Nonequilibrium Xy Model
  • Aging
  • Fdt
  • Fluctuation Dissipation Ratio
  • Mathematics


We study the non-equilibrium time evolution of the classical XY spin model in two dimensions.The two-time autocorrelation and linear response functions are considered for systems initially preparedin a high temperature state and in a completely ordered state. After a quench into the critical phase, we determine, via Monte Carlosimulations, the time-evolution of these quantities and extract the temperature dependence of the slope of the parametric plotsusceptibility/correlation in the asymptotic regime. This slope is usually identified with the infinite fluctuation-dissipation ratiowhich measures the violation to the equilibrium fluctuation-dissipation theorem. However, a direct measure of this ratio leads to a vanishingvalue.

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