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Resyllabification of Loan Words in Kalenjin Phonology

Research on Humanities and Social Sciences


The description of syllable structure in the individual languages is important in realizing syllabic markedness which motivates re-syllabification in the recipient language. The paper threrefore is an analysis of re-syllabification of Kipsigis and Tugen loan words borrowed from Kiswahili langauge. The paper also gives an overview of the syllable structure in Kipsigis and Tugen as the recepient languages and Kiswahili as the source language. Data analysis was guided by consonant vowel (C.V) phonological framework. The study found out that resyllabification is a morphophonological process during word formation in any given language. Keywords: Re-syllabification, Syllables, Loan words, Tugen, Kipsigis

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