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Dossier: Education. Association News No. 25, May/June 1974

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A$$0clATtofi May- June 1974 collsvs Text Box Dr Erhard EPPLER, West German development cooperation minister: ''I consider it necessary to liberalize \NOrld trade in the interests of the developing countries''. "Association News" was going to press when we received the following exclusive interview with Dr Erhard Eppler, West Ger- man economic cooperation minister. Lucien Pagni asked Dr Eppler to outline his coun- try's stand on development aid and inter- national cooperation now that the raw mate- rials and food crises, threatening part of Africa and the Indian sub-continent with famine, are calling for a new aid strategy from Europe to bring the Third World out of under-development. ... In accordance with United Nations strategy for the second Development Decade, the Federal Government adopted its approach to development policy in February 1971 and decided on its contribution and its commitments for the period up until 1980. From your point of view, Dr Eppler-and leaving aside for the moment the energy crisis- have there been any additions, changes or shifts in emphasis in this policy since 1971? - From the outset it has been our intention to review and update our development policy every two years. This was done for the first time last year. ~he most striking shift of emphasis is the attempt to "Europeanize" the approach to development policy. By During the negotiations between the A.C.P. countries (Africa, Caribbean, Pacific) and the European Community, "Association News" hopes to follow the interviews with Dr Eppler and M r Pedini in this issue by further interviews with the E.E.C. develop- ment cooperation ministers. (See summary after this interview}. stages we wish to achieve a compre- hensive, world-wide development policy of the European Community and its Member States. In so doing we stand by, of course, the Community's com- mitments towards the associated coun- tries. In our opinion the Community's own income should

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