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Profil ganglionnaire des micro carcinomes papillaires de la thyroide

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  • Medicine


Management of papillary microcarcinomas of thyroid gland is subject to many discussions.Objective : Aim of this study: determinate lymph node status in these malignant tumors.Materials and methods : this study is about 20 cases of papillary microcarcinomas of thyroid gland, operated between 1994 and 2007,Results : Our study was about 18 women and 2 men with a middle-age of 46 years. We had found that 35% of microcarcinomas had a size higher than 0,5cm.Neck lymph node metastasis were present in 83% when the size of tumor was higher than 0,5 cm.Conclusion : Neck lymph node metastasis in micropapillary carcinomas is conditioned by many factors of which depend the therapeutic management.Keywords : Thyroid gland, papillary microcarcinoma, neck-lymph node dissection.

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