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Forum Problems affecting availability of food may be a final wake-up call for environ- mental issues, Brown said. The world's oceans are being fished at their limits or beyond and are also beset by water pollu- tion, coral reef degradation, and other environmental damage, he said. Farmers also are struggling to keep up with popula- tion growth. Land is becoming scarce, as is the water needed to grow crops. Water scarcity in China has forced farmers there to return to rain-fed farming, Brown said. And land scarcity could set back advances in more environmentally friendly energy sources, Brown noted. As food supplies dwindle and demand rises, for example, less grain will be available to make ethanol as a cleaner alternative to gasoline. The United States should adopt a national poli- cy outlining a commitment to stabilizing world population, Brown said. Some of the subsequent technical ses- sions at the conference echoed Brown's theme, specifically those dealing with sus- tainable development and ecosystem man- agement. Jim Benson of the Natural Resources Conservation Service at the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Washington provided data on the impact of environ- mental problems on agriculture. The agency's National Resources Inventory, a study of 1.5 billion acres of nonfederal land, states that the available acreage of prime farmland fell from 339 million to 333 million acres between 1982 and 1992. Almost one out of every four cropland acres were eroding too fast to sustain soil productivity, Benson added. The NRI should help guide federal policy and pro- vide up-to-date information on natural resource conditions, he said. At the conference, the President's Council on Environmental Quality and NAEP awarded their third annual Federal Environmental Quality Awards, which honor federal agencies for excellence in implementing the National Environmental Policy Act, enacted 25 years ago. The Fort Worth District Army Corps of Engineers won the award for its project, a program- matic environmental imp

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