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Residência médica em pediatria

Universidade Estadual de Londrina
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  • Medicine


Research into the pediatric residency program of the hospital of the State University of Londrina, utilizing a questionnaire of 23 items sent to former pediatric residents, with the aim of obtaining data on their situations as well as coming to know their opinions about the medical residency program - opinons formed after varying lengths of time devoted to professional practice. It was concluded that this scheme of evaluation ought to be effectuated periodically, as the analysis of data obtained may suggest modifications in the program. It was observed that the data referring to the locale which the professional practices and the number of cities in which he has practiced can measure greater or lesser saturation of the work market. It was further concluded that the little knowledge about the doctor-patient relationship, the work market, and social welfare that the resident has upon completing his course of studies could generate anxiety at the professional stage. With the end of continually bettering the residency program, situations allowing discussion of these and other subjects considered important by the ex-student ought to be created within the program's confines.

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