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FIRM, flood insurance rate map, Seminole County, Florida and incorporated areas

Federal Emergency Management Agency,
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Project Summary - � PAGE �9� – Hendry County Library Cooperative The Clewiston Library Digitization Project B. Introduction The Clewiston Library Digitization Project Hendry County is a rural, agricultural county in Southwest Florida with a population of 39,561 according to the 2005 Annual Estimates of Population (CC-est2005-alldata-12) census released on 8/4/2006. Hendry County includes two incorporated municipalities: Clewiston and LaBelle. Clewiston Library, Barron Library (located in LaBelle, the county seat) and Harlem Library comprise the Hendry County Library Cooperative. As the result of a long-range planning process in 2005, all three libraries provide Hendry County residents with materials and general information on current topics and titles. In addition, each library has a secondary individualized area of focus. Clewiston Library serves the city residents as well as a large Hispanic population living in outlying rural areas. This year Clewiston Library has established a Florida room to house historical reference material and books pertinent to local and state history. Harlem Community Library was founded in 2000 to serve the needs of a section of Clewiston. It is located in a former school building which also houses the Harlem Academy daycare center. Harlem’s current expansion plans call for a state-of-the-art wireless computer lab and a new children’s section. Their specialty is a growing African American collection. Barron Library has experienced a large increase in circulation of 43% over last year due to a large portion of the county’s population growth. Barron Library collects genealogical materials and has a new computer workstation for area genealogists to use. Clewiston Library has one professional librarian, the Library Director, who also serves as Cooperative Coo

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