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  • 政府採購法
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  • 採購組織
  • 工作滿足
  • 採購效率
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Since the Government Procurement Law was administered on May 27, 1999, the procurement transaction has been professionalized, the organizational structure and the implementing process have also been changed dramatically. In addition to the complicated procedures of tendering, award of contracts, administration of contract performance, implementation, inspection and acceptance, paying the account and the responsibility of maintaining a product’s original function, procurement personnel also need to have deep understanding of the content, specification and the product itself, so that they may become competent procurement personnel. Therefore, in order to meet the anticipated effect of all entities, a long time is needed to cultivate procurement personnel. However, a research finds out that procurement personnel change jobs frequently, especially female employees. It is mainly because procurement organization and their job fulfillment, thus, procurement efficiency is (greatly) influenced. Accordingly, the purpose of this study is to find out how procurement personnel’s job fulfillment and procurement efficiency are influences by procurement organization after the Government Procurement Law was administered from the humanity’s perspective. The research is conducted by means of questionnaires, interview on government procurement personnel of central and local government agencies as well as government-owned enterprise. We try to find out problems faced by procurement organization and personnel and suggestions of possible solutions. By means of practical-proved research, we have the following conclusion: 1.Females are more unwilling or not suitable for the job of procurement. 2.In general, procurement personnel have received relatively high education. Generally speaking, Males higher than female, and new comers higher than incumbent staffs. 3.Procurement personnel’s resignation rate is relatively high. 4.Procurement personnel have positive recognition on procurement organization; they have negative recognition on job fulfillment; they have no opinion about procurement efficiency. 5.Procurement organization is in direct proportion to job fulfillment at an intermediate degree. In other words, the improvement of procurement organization may add the job fulfillment of procurement personnel. 6.Procurement organization is in direct proportion to procurement efficiency at a lower degree. In other words, the improvement of procurement organization may promote the procurement efficiency. 7.Job fulfillment is in direct proportion to procurement efficiency at a lower-intermediate degree. In other words, the promotion of job fulfillment may also raise the procurement efficiency. 8.Different groups in age, official position and official title show significant difference in job fulfillment, that is, procurement personnel will have more job fulfillment if they have higher status, being the chief or senior in age. 9.Different groups in age and position in an office show significant difference in procurement efficiency, that is, procurement personnel have more confidence in raising the procurement efficiency if they are older or being the chief in the office. I would like to offer the following viewpoint as the suggestions for entities to improve their procurement organization: 1.We can improve the procurement organization towards “Most organic organization”. In addition to paying much attention to the professional quality of procurement, the operation of the organization could appropriately be controlled by means of authoritative management of power concentration. 2.Strengthen factors of procurement personnel’s job fulfillment: (1) Offer professional bonus for procurement personnel. (2) Increase promoting items and develops concrete measures for promotion. 3.Intensify professional procurement personnel’s training on the job so that the procurement efficiency can be promoted. 4.Establish systems such as encourage by rewards, transfer by turns and make the procurement job plentiful. As a result, a lower rate of job changing can be expected from procurement personnel. 5.Female procurement personnel should be given more chances to bring their skills into fully play and more opportunities for promotion. Key word: the Government Procurement Law, procurement personnel, procurement organization, job fulfillment, procurement efficiency.

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