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Scientific Observation Hole Project, SOH 4 Well, Visual Core Descriptions, Volume 2A. September 1990.

Pahoa, HI: Puna Research Center.
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  • Soh
  • Puna
  • Core
  • Kilauea East Rift Zone
  • Lithology
  • Kerz
  • Hydrothermal
  • Hawaii Island
  • Secondary Mineralogy
  • Stratigraphy


/ I SCIENTIFIC OBSERVATION HOLE PROJECT SOH 4 Well VISUAL CORE DESCRIPTIONS Volume 2A September 1990 Compiled by S. Rene Evans, Elizabeth A. Novak and Frank A. Trusdell Puna Research Center P.O. Box 1488 Pahoa, Hawaii 96778 Funded by the State of Hawaii Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism EXPLANATORY NOTES The enclosed visual core descriptions (sheet A) were compiled by the core logging staff at the Puna Research Center, Hawaii. Members of the staff who descibed drillcore from the Scientific Observation Hole #4 are Rene Evans, Elizabeth Novak and Frank Trusdell. Comments and suggestions were provided by John Deymonaz, George Walker and Tonto Drilling Crew. MarttnSykes and Jane Tribble contributed preliminary XRD mineral identifications. Volume 2A of the core descriptions contains descriptions for the core obtained from 3499 to 6562 feet of the Scientific Observation Hole #4. Each page of this volume corresponds to a box of core and a page in volume lB. When possible, boxes were filled with ten feet of drillcore. Each large fragment of core was marked with an up arrow. Wood blocks noted by the drillers mark the footage at the end of each cere run. Visual descriptions of the cores are based on observations of hand specimens. Therefore, for some of the mineral species and the more subtle metamorphic textures, field identifications might not be accurate (e.g. phillipsite versus natrolite, laumonite, etc.). We would appreciate being informed of any errors or inconsistencies in these descriptions. Rene S. Evans January 1992 Breccia _ LOG HOLE #~ _,~ Sheet A Depth range3Yn to3~'7'Sfeet ,P~ge~ of~ Intrusive_,'_''___ t1sh__, _ Rubble_,__ the appropri~te unit nUMber. 2f CORE BOX # -00 5f" 11; Depth range~to/Ol-QMeters Logger's NaMe ~z: Type of SaMple: Flow~ NUMber of Units in 8ox~ Fill in blanks below by using ( ( PRIMARY FEATURES SECONDARY FEATURES COMMENTS Phyric 1 .., 3 4 5 6 Phenocryst replaceMentsL Mega <> .5 MM) Micro«.5 MM) V Iddi

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