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(An) Outsourcing Strategy to Minimize Project Delays based on the Analysis of Architectural Characteristics of Product-Development Processes

서울대학교 대학원
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  • 제품개발 프로젝트
  • Product Development Project
  • 글로벌 제품개발
  • Outsourcing
  • 아웃소싱
  • Global Product Development
  • 잠재비용
  • Communication Loss
  • Hidden Cost
  • Communication
  • Design


The outsourcing is a common way to company to save their project lead time. Although an outsourcing can give some advantages to company, it can be a cause of unexpected project delays, especially in a complex design project, because of miscommunications between companies. We defined the amount of unexpected project delays as a word Hidden Cost, and found out why it occurs and how to measure it quantitative way. This paper presents a process modeling and analysis technique for measuring the Hidden Cost using the model that based on DSM(Design Structure Matrix). Furthermore, we propose an outsourcing strategy to company considering not only the architectural characteristics of product-development processes, but also the characteristics of project outsourcing. We applied the proposed method to the case examples and the result suggests that establish outsourcing strategy with considering Hidden Cost can be a usual way for saving project lead time. The Hidden Cost depends upon the choice of outsourcing processes because each process has their own specific influencing power in a project. In a multi-selection processes problem, especially in a complex design project, it has a tremendous variation of Hidden Cost depends upon choices of outsourcing processes. * Note: The text above is the abstract of the thesis. You can use the full-text by clicking the Link(URL) of item record and the viewer program will be installed automatically. In case of having problem with the viewer program installation, please download it manually using this url

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