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Using Kinect for learning music concepts

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This thesis presents game developed using XNA Game Studio. The game enables you to play MIDI songs using Microsoft Kinect. The goal of the game is to successfully catch as many notes as possible using hands and feet detected by Kinect. The game gets notes from MIDI file and presents them as 3D objects in shape of cube. Notes are moving toward one of the destinations on the screen. Which destination box is selected for the specific note, is based on the number of destination boxes and the height of a note. The song is analyzed and parsed using third parry open source library for processing MIDI files. The number of notes, which appear in a game, depends on a chosen difficulty. To reduce that number the algorithm was developed. It works using weights, which are calculated on a basis of each note’s properties. There was also made a simple game testing. A smaller sample of users evaluated, which number of destination boxes is more suitable for the game.

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