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Comment on "Surface impedance approach solves problems with the thermal casimir force between real metals"

American Physical Society
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In a recent paper Geyer, Klimchitskaya, and Mostepanenko [Phys. Rev. A 67, 062102 (2003)] proposed the final solution of the problem of temperature correction to the Casimir force between real metals. The basic idea was that one cannot use the dielectric permittivity in the frequency region where a real current may arise leading to Joule heating of the metal. Instead, the surface impedance approach is proposed as a solution of all contradictions. The purpose of this comment is to show that (i) the main idea contradicts to the fluctuation dissipation theorem, (ii) the proposed method to calculate the force gives the wrong value of the temperature correction since the contribution of low frequency fluctuations is calculated with the impedance which is not applicable at low frequencie

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