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Performance analysis of an integrated CHP system with thermal and Electric Energy Storage for residential application

Applied Energy
DOI: 10.1016/j.apenergy.2013.01.088
  • Combined Heat And Power (Chp)
  • Energy Storage
  • Residential Application
  • Primary Energy
  • Zebra
  • Chemistry
  • Economics


Abstract The aim of this paper is the evaluation of the profitability of micro-CHP systems for residential application. An integrated CHP system composed of a prime mover, an Electric Energy Storage system, a thermal storage system and an auxiliary boiler has been considered. The study has been carried out taking into account a particular electrochemical storage system which requires also thermal energy, during its operation, for a better exploitation of the residual heat discharged by the prime mover. The prime mover could be a conventional Internal Combustion Engine or also an innovative system, such as fuel cell or organic Rankine cycle. An investigation of this integrated CHP system has been carried out, by means of an in-house developed calculation code, performing a thermo-economic analysis. This paper provides useful results, in order to define the optimum sizing of components of the integrated CHP system under investigation; the developed code allows also to evaluate the profitability and the primary energy saving with respect to the separate production of electricity and heat.

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