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Culture, economics and drugs addiction

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  • I12 - Health Production
  • A13 - Relation Of Economics To Social Values
  • I18 - Government Policy
  • Regulation
  • Public Health
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Law
  • Philosophy
  • Religious Science


Drug use is one of the pressing issues facing humanity since time immemorial. Ground reality exhibits that there are linear association of drug use with violence, corruption, incest and numerous other immoral activities. Towards drugs addiction the policy approach of economists are based on confusion. As usual on one hand economists encourage the prohibition of drug use, while on the other hand another influential group of economists apply the philosophy of market economy. They advocate that all inebriating materials should be legalized. In the economic case towards drug use, one cannot draw a clear line whether prohibition or legalization will be the best policy approach. Christianity which is considered as one of the universal religion encourages the use of drugs through the rite of Eucharist, Sacred Meal, and Holy Communion. In contrast Islam prohibits every type of inebriating materials including alcohol as extremely harmful, which is confirmed by the finding of recent scientific research. In Islamic societies on one hand there is a strict prohibition on the production of drugs, while on the other hand through moral education they discourage the use of drugs.

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