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Personal and Ambient Air Pollution is Associated with Increased Exhaled Nitric Oxide in Children with Asthma

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
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For more information about the Organization of Teratology Information Specialists For more information about the Organization of Teratology Information Specialists or to find a service in your area, call (866) 626-6847 or visit us online at: Asthma and Pregnancy This sheet talks about asthma during pregnancy. With each pregnancy, all women have a 3% to 5% chance of having a baby with a birth defect. This information should not take the place of medical care and advice from your health care provider. What is asthma? Asthma refers to inflammation (swelling and tightening) in the airways of the lungs. When an asthma attack occurs, it is more difficult for air to pass through the lungs which leads to wheezing, coughing, and trouble breathing. Asthma is often treated with a combination of short acting inhalers for immediate symptom relief and daily medicines to reduce inflammation. Triggers that can cause an asthma attack vary from person to person. Common triggers include breathing in cold air, cold/flu viruses, strenuous exercise, chemicals, cigarette smoke, and allergies to dust, animals, pollen, or mold. Avoiding these triggers can reduce the number of asthma attacks. I have asthma and am planning on getting pregnant. Is there anything I need to know? Asthma management during pregnancy should continue to include the medicines that best control an individual’s asthma symptoms. It is not possible to predict how a woman’s asthma will act during pregnancy. For about one third of women, symptoms will improve during pregnancy, another one third will have no change in asthma symptoms, and a final one third of women will have worsening of symptoms. It appears that the more severe the asthma is when you conceive, the more likely it is that the symptoms will get worse during pregnancy. Therefore, it is very important that a woman’s a

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