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Graphs and notes on the economic situation in the Community = Diagrammer og kommentarer til den okonomiske situation i faellesskabet No. 12, 1976

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Commission of the European Communities Kommissionen for De europceiske Fcellesskaber I I I I I 12 1976 Graphs and Notes on the Economic Situation in the Community Diagrammer og kommentarer til den 0konomiske situation i Fcellesskabet Published monthly Mfmedlig publikation collsvs Text Box This publication appears monthly. It is intended, by means of graphs and brief commentaries, to provide a continual analysis of the development of the main economic indicators in the Community. In each issue an introductory commentary, devoted to a subject of current or special interest, is always accompanied by the following graphs and notes: A 1 Industrial production A2 Unemployment A3 Consumer prices A4 Balance of trade The other graphs and notes appear periodically, alternating as follows: January, April, July, October 81 Exports 82 Trade between member countries 83 Discount rate and call-money rates 84 Money supply 85 Exchange rates February, May, August-September, November C1 Imports C2 Terms of trade C3 Wholesale prices C4 Retail sales C5 Wages March, June, August-September, December D1 Output in the metal products industries D2 Dwellings authorized D3 Tax revenue D4 Share prices D5 Long-term interest rates Results of the monthly business survey carried out among heads of enterprises in the Community are to be found immediately after the graphs and notes. For observations on the graphs see last page. Denne publikation udkommer manedligt. Den har til formal ved diagrammer og korte kommentarer at fremlcegge en fortl0ben<ie analyse af de vcesentligste konjunkturindikatorers forl0b i Fcellesskabet. En kortfattet kommentar vedmrende et emne af scerlig aktualitet eller interesse efterf0lges i hvert nummer altid af nedenncevnte fire diagrammer og kommentarer: A 1 lndustriproduktion A2 Antal arbejdsl0se A3 Forbrugerpriser A4 Handelsbalance De 0vrige diagrammer og kommentarer forekommer kun periodi

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