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Journal of Coastal Research 241 Royal Palm Beach, Florida Winter 2000 GEOGRAPHIC INDEX Journal of Coastal Research Annual Index Vol. 15 (Nos. 1-4), 1999 A Aegean Sea, 959 Auckland City, New Zealand, 1119 B Baiona Bay, Spain, 413 Baja California, Mexico, 648 Barra del Chuy Beach, Brazil, 122 Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, 221 Bethells Beach (Te Henga), New Zealand, 74 Bradley Lake, British Columbia, Canada, 45 Braek Bank, France, 594 Brazil, 648 Brazos-Santiago Pass, Texas USA, 789 Bribie Island, North of Brisbane, Australia, 735 Broward County, Florida, USA, 380 c Calvi Bay Beach, France 775 Calvi Gulf in Corsica, France 775 Campeche Bank, Mexico 145 Cape Hateras, North Carolina, USA, 884 Cape Sable, Florida, USA, 1055 Cape Turres, Albania, 349 Captain Sams Inlet, South Carolina, USA, 306 Catala Lake, British Columbia, Canada, 47 Changjiang River, China, 33 Chillia Gheorghe, Romania, 860 Coast of Pemba, Africa, 639 Cretan Basin, Greece, 537 D Dewees Inlet, South Carolina, USA, 306 Discovery Bay, Jamaica, 797 Dover Straits, UK 594 Dunkerque, France,594 Durres Bay, Albania, 349 E East China Sea, 471 English Channel, UK, 593 Esperanza Inlet, British Columbia, Canada, 47 Everglades National Park, Florida USA, 1055 F Flamengo Bay, Brazil, 555 Flemish Banks, France, 594 Florida Bay, Florida, USA, 1055 Florida Keys, Florida, USA, 1055 Florida Peninsula, Florida, USA, 1055 G Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia, 275 Gulf Coast of Texas, Texas USA 789 Gulf of Tonkin, Asia, 315 Gulf of St. Vincent, South Australia, 608 H Haifa Bay, Israel,401 Hangzhou Bay, China, 1092 I Indian Ocean, 643 Ionian Sea, 345, 959 Isles Dernieres, Louisiana, USA, 872 J Jequitinhonha River, Brazil, 511 K Katikati Inlet, New Zealand, 221 Kii Peninsula, Japan, 355 L La Salle, Canada, 431 Lake Nhlange, South Africa Lalezi Bay, Albania,349 Long Island Sound, New York, USA 87 M Mansfield Channel, 789 Mexican Caribbean, 145 Mira Estuary, Portugal, 17 Mississippi Sound, Mississippi USA, 1041 Mu

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