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Histopathological and Cytopathological Correlations of Percutaneous Testis Biopsy and Open Testis Biopsy in Infertile Men

The Journal of Urology
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DOI: 10.1016/s0022-5347(01)67535-9
  • Biology
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Abstract A testis biopsy is used to assess quantitatively testicular spermatogenesis in infertile patients. Recently, several reports have used less invasive, percutaneous methods to obtain testis tissue. Percutaneous testis biopsies and touch imprints, immediately followed by open testis biopsies, were performed on 24 testes (19 patients) to ascertain whether they could provide the same histological information as an open biopsy. The technique of percutaneous testis biopsy using a core biopsy system is described. Comparisons of the percutaneous and open biopsy histological diagnoses revealed a 95 percent correlation. The percutaneous method using 1 pass through the testis failed to provide adequate tissue in 2 of 24 patients. Touch imprints obtained by the percutaneous method also provided a 95 percent correlation compared with the open method (2 of 24 touch imprints were lost during processing and, thus, were not evaluated). Percutaneous testis biopsies and touch imprints provide adequate tissue for histological and cytological evaluation, with excellent correlation with biopsies obtained by the traditional open methods. Percutaneous testis biopsy and touch imprint may be performed in an office setting, thus obviating the need to perform an open biopsy in the operating room.

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