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Constitutional and Legal Regulations of Political Activities in the Republic of Tatarstan in the Process of Building a Vertical Framework of Power in Today’s Russian Federation

Canadian Research & Development Center of Sciences and Cultures
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  • Political Science


The vertical framework of power is the alignment of power relations at the level of center-region-place in the political decision-making. This process has actively begun since 2000, when the administrative reform was initiated. The article analyzes this process in the frame of political activity of the national subject of the Russian Federation, Republic of Tatarstan in 1990s – 2008. Keywords: Vertical framework of power; administrative reform; political bargaining; national subjectResume: Verticale du pouvoir est la forme d'une relation hiérarchique au niveau du centre-région-implantation. Ce processus a commencé en 2000. Début de la réforme administrative. L'article analyse ce processus dans l'analyse de la république du Tatarstan.Mots-cles: Verticale du pouvoir; la réforme administrative; la négociation politique; une entité nationale

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