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The Aquatic and Semiaquatic Hemiptera of Northern Florida. Part 3: Nepidae, Belostomatidae, Notonectidae, Pleidae and Corixidae

Florida Entomologist
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298 Florida Entomologist 97(1) March 2014 Short-terM Storage of adult Tamarixia radiaTa (hyMenoptera: eulophidae) prior to field releaSeS for biological control of aSian citruS pSyllid D. G. Hall1,* anD E. M. KlEin2 1uSda-arS, uS horticultural research laboratory, 2001 South rock road, fort pierce, fl 34945, uSa 2dartmouth college, hanover, nh 03755, uSa *corresponding author; e-mail: [email protected] Tamarixia radiata (Waterson) (hymenoptera: eulophidae) is a solitary ectoparasitoid of the asian citrus psyllid, diaphorina citri Kuwaya- ma (hemiptera: liviidae). the psyllid is an im- portant citrus pest because it vectors pathogens responsible for a serious disease of citrus known as huanglongbing (bové 2006; gottwald 2010). regarded as one of the psyllid’s most important natural enemies (hall et al. 2013), T. radiata can be mass-reared on psyllid colonies maintained on potted Citrus or other host plants such as murra- ya exotica l. (Skelley & hoy 2004). as new adult parasitoids emerge, they can be collected and field-released to establish the parasitoid in new areas or to augment existing parasitoid popula- tions. however, sometimes it may not be possible to immediately release adults, in which case it would be advantageous to know how best to store them until release. the objectives of experiments presented here were to investigate survival of adult T. radiata stored under different food, light and tempera- ture conditions. adults were obtained from a uS- da-arS colony of the parasitoid established dur- ing 2011. this colony is maintained using psyllids reared on alemow, Citrus macrophylla Wester, following the basic procedures presented by Skel- ley & hoy (2004). four storage experiments were conducted. in each experiment, adult T. radiata (< 24 h old) were aspirated into clear-styrene, 9-dram plastic vials (26 mm diam × 67 mm tall) with snap-on lids (#8909, bioQuip products, gardena, california) using a bioQuip aspirator (#1135a) operated manu

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