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[Budget Proposal for Cancer Research Project]

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BUDGET -- for each of three years, beginning July 1, 1971 Pro2ected Expenditures: Direct Costs only (These figures are intended to indicate a scale and style of effort. The .-details of any long range research budget must be subject to periodic review to allow for unpredictable opportunities and disappointments-- in the content of the research, and in the availability of the most crucial ingredient, the professional and technical people to do the work. > Allan Duffield,Ph.D. Medical Research Scientist Assistant Project Leader (Organic Chemistry) Wilfred Pereira,Ph.D. Research Associate Chemistry Walter Reynolds Electronic Engineer (for mass-spec. systems) % requested here;* $ requested here 30 3000 100 50 Julie Hwang Scientific Computer programmer 100 Virginia Bacon Research Assistant (Biochemistry) 50 3.5000 9000 13000 5000 Laboratory Supplies and Expense * All of these had been our payroll under 100% NASA support. 5000 50000. x 3 years: $150,000. Related projects under Prof. Lederberg's direction are supported by grants from NIH to the extent of about $45,000 per year direct costs, and a like amount can probably be continued for this area from an umbrella grant from NASA expected to be about $240,000. However, the larger-part of the latter must now be concentrated on space-related instrumentation. Nevertheless this gives us a facility for developing and maintaining advanced methods of assay whose reproduction cost would be many times the specific investments here requested. . . Allan l,C33 600 Stuedeman 6,554 600 Staff Benefits 15.2% Other 46% Items Indirect Cost @ 46% _ Nn 46% items 104,755 28,100 15,925 4,271 18,358 0 56,632 12,926 17,560 0 Remainder Machinist Jerabek Levinthal Pearson Stuedeman Veizades *Unassigned salary Organic Chemistry NASA Bacon 10,329 Duffield 3,000 Technician Rwang 12,008 Pereira 13,188 Reynolds 9,935

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