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stripe.dvi Supporting Insertions and Deletions in Striped Parallel Filesystems Theodore Johnson University of Florida� Dept� of CIS Gainesville� Fl ������� � September ��� ���� Abstract The dramatic improvements in the processing rates of parallel computers are turning many compute�bound jobs into IO�bound jobs� Parallel �le systems have been proposed to better match IO throughput to processing power� Many parallel �le systems stripe �les across numerous disks� each disk has its own controller� A striped �le can be appended �or prepended� to and maintain its structure� However� a block can t be inserted into or deleted from the middle of the �le� since doing so would destroy the regular striping structure of the �le� In this paper� we present a distributed �le structure that maintains �les in indexed striped extents on a message passing multiprocessor� This approach allows highly parallel random and sequential reads� and also allows insertion and deletion into the middle of the �le� � Introduction Researchers have observed that the performance of I�O subsystems has not kept pace with the increasing performance of the processors� especially in parallel systems ���� A very large I�O bandwidth can be created by attaching disk drives to each node of a parallel computer� but this bandwidth cannot be used e�ectively if les are stored sequentially on the disks � �� A parallel �lesystem is a le system in which the les are stored on multiple disks and the disk drives are located on di�erent processors� A common method for implementing a parallel lesystem is to use disk striping ����� in which con� secutive blocks in a le are stored on di�erent disk drives� Kim � � has proposed disk synchronization� in which a le is byte�wise distributed across the disks� and the disks synchronously read a block� Reddy and Banerjee �� � ��� ��� compare the performance of disk synchronization and disk striping� The Bridge lesystem � � �� �� is a parallel striped

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