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Texture and Magnetic Properties

Textures and Microstructures
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  • Physics


The magnetic properties of ferromagnetic materials are closely related to the crystallographic texture, i.e. the orientation distribution of the crystallites, they are, however, not uniquely determined by the texture. Higher order “textural quantities” such as, for instance, orientation correlation functions are additionally needed for a more complete description.The properties in saturation are uniquely determined by the texture. They can be expressed by a fourth—or sixth—order approximation of the texture function which can be obtained by “low resolution” texture measurements.On the other hand, magnetic anisotropy measurements can only provide a low-resolution approximation to the texture function and not the complete function.The distribution of magnetization directions can be described by a “magnetic texture” which can be calculated from pole figures measured by neutron diffraction using the method of superposed pole figures.

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