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updated lineup of objects to find on geologic maps

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  • Engineering Geology (2: Modulo Generico)
  • 35513
  • Ingegneria
  • 0021
  • Civil Engineering
  • 8211
  • 2011
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  • Earth Science


Microsoft Word - Rational lineup.doc Rational lineup of objects to find on geologic maps 1. Find "regressive" unconformable boundaries. 2. In presence of the Ligurian nappe, define the (palaeo-) autoch- thon, allochthon, semi-allochthon, and neo-autochthon successions. 3. Find "transgressive" unconformable boundaries. 4. Find the most uplifted areas (deepest erosion), the less uplifted ar- eas (shallowest erosion), and some subsiding areas (Quaternary sedimentation). 5. Refine the analysis of recent movements by giving a tectonic in- terpretation to alluvial fans, “alluvial” stream terraces and “poly- genetic” stream terraces. 6. Identify major folds with axial culminations, axial depressions and axial plunges. 7. Find beds dipping up slope, down slope and across slope. 8. Find a fault and represent it by a schematic geological cross- section.

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