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Regulated mechanised and traditional fishing In Tamil Nadu - an approach to end clashes

CMFRI; Kochi
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Marine fishing in India is generally confined to narrow regions of nearshore areas. The presence of mechanized boats operated by those who were not involved in fishing earlier and the encroaching of the inshore fishing grounds by these boats created conflicts between the traditional and mechanised sectors, resulting in clashes between these two sectors leading to large scale damages to both men and material. The coast from Jagathapattmam (south) in Pudukkottai District to Mallipattinam (north) in Thanjavur District consists of 26 marine fish landing centres, 10 in the district of Pudukkottai and the rest in Thanjavur. Increased tempo of mechanized fishing in these centres was not received well by indigenous craft owners of the fishing villages. This culminated in the major clashes between the two sectors in the year 1978, leading to heavy damages. In order to avoid such clashes a Peace Council was formed with the local R.D.O. as Chairman and representatives from State Fisheries Department, mechanized boat owners and indigenous craft owners as members. The Peace Council has drawn up a programme to regulate fishing activities.

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