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Applying Environmental Factors to Trust Algorithms in Competitive Multi-Agent Systems

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  • Multi-Agent Systems
  • Trust
  • Agent Reputation
  • Simulation
  • Testbed


jsw0611.pdf Journal of Software ISSN 1796-217X Volume 6, Number 11, November 2011 Contents Special Issue: Selected Best Papers of the 2010 International Conference on Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science (ICFMD2010) Guest Editor: Ran Chen and Dongye Su Guest Editorial Ran Chen and Dongye Su 2097 SPECIAL ISSUE PAPERS Research on Fuzzy Extension Synthesis Metrics Algorithm for Software Quality Jianli Dong and Ningguo Shi Item Relational Structure Algorithm Based on Empirical Distribution Critical Value Hsiang-Chuan Liu, Shih-Neng Wu, and Chin-Chun Chen Software Defect Prediction Using Non-Negative Matrix Factorization Ruihua Chang, Xiaodong Mu, and Li Zhang An Efficient Mining Algorithm by Bit Vector Table for Frequent Closed Itemsets Keming Tang, Caiyan Dai, and Ling Chen Research of the Real-time Drawing System Based on 3D Movement Tracker Weibin Wu, Tiansheng Hong, Su Li, Jinxing Guo, Han Huang, Zhilin Mai, and Dongdong Li Algorithm Research on Virtual Individualized 3D Mannequin Jun-Qiang Su, Bing-Fei Gu, and Guo-Lian Liu Use AI Technology to Analyse Corporate Goods Price Index Qi Fan, Chang-jie Zhu, Quan-gui Chen, Jian-yu Xiao, Bao-hua Wang, and Yan-yan Guo The Design of Service System for SMEs Collaborative Alliance: Cluster Supply Chain Xiao Xue, Zhe Wei, and Zhifeng Zeng Ontology Molecule Theory-based Information Integrated Service for Agricultural Risk Management Qin Pan, Chunnian Liu, and Dehui Yang Information Security Risk Assessment Based on Information Measure and Fuzzy Clustering Guo-hong Gao, Xue-yong Li, Bao-jian Zhang, and Wen-xian Xiao Research on Selection of Cooperation Partners in Supply Chain of Agricultural Products Based on IL- WGA Lu Shan The Applications of Business Intelligence to the Improvement of Supply Chain Management – A Case of an Electronic Company Chwei-Jen Fan, Li-Chuan Wang, and Huan-Ming Chuang 2099 2106 2114 2121 2129 2137 2143 2146 2154 2159

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