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Jim and Eliza Crestanello, September 2, 1930

Washington State Library
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Remarks on enclosure read: "Jim C and Lizzie 9-2-30." Eliza Crestanello and (husband) James Crestanello outside the Roslyn Bakery, September 2, 1930. The two were married in 1928. Eliza was sister of Pio Panieri and the daughter of Caesar Panieri, the bakery's original proprietor. Note: Washington State Digital Archives' "Death Records" series records Eliza's birth date as 1901-06-26 and her death date as 1994-03-31. William "Jim" Crestanello was born on either June 26 or 27, 1900, and died on 1968-06-21. Their grave site can be viewed at:

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