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Area V Minute News

California Regional Medical Programs. Area V
Publication Date
  • October 1968 - October 1970
  • California Regional Medical Program/*Og
  • Task Force
  • Grant Proposals
  • Calendar Of Meetings
  • Health Planning
  • Health Priorities
  • Delivery Of Health Care
  • Organizational Policy
  • Indians
  • North American
  • Community Health Services
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Medicine


znb7083.tmp ..-..,,-. —.-... ~p~~ . . . . * :,.-.=7N,., ..-. -— n~ ~~xn,. (-J~zEG .. —.,_,- ~ . ..—----- .~ ______ ,,=—~. ...-.. —.L. . -n-n v minute news.~.,,.i, v9102 n 0.34 October 21, 1970 ,. w .. ‘, (f-‘“~ 7tiREE ‘nW”FORCkSo . . .,. ,,,..,., have been named by’kea Coordinator Donald W. Petit, MD, to begin the proiecti~{ of activities that wi I I be used in the development of a program for the’ next three years’ opemtion of AREA V. ( --- . One group, chaired by John S. Lloyd, PhD and Dorothy E. Anderson, MpH, of AREA V staff, is charged with consideration of activities related to the knqxkionr pla~ for tmining, continuing education and alteration of role, of the existing H6alth Man- %-- ower pool. Members of this committee are Leon C. Hauck, Bruce Barnkilf and Ro ert E. Randlej MD (all of AREA V staff); committee Chairmen’Lewis W. Guiss, MD; John Connor; Phil R. Manning, MD and Willard J. Zinn, MD; Area Advisory Group members Dr. Edward S. Bmdy; Bertell W. Fe~uson, DD~ Ho!eman Grigsby; $:i.F’aul Hendrick; . Harold R. Hoover, MD; Mrs. Jesije C. Obert, PhD; Robert J. [email protected], DVM; Floyd R. Stauffer, MD and Russell B. Wil Iiams. A second team wil I attempt to set priorities on activities related to c~pe~tive ar- rangemen~, demonstmtion proiects, and research in Heal ~h Se”ti~ce Del ive ~ and Or- ;“ ,janization with the ~~ecfive of achieving newr effective ways t,o bring medical care to patients. Chaired by Frank F. Aguileq,’,MPA and Mrs. K~JD,. Fuller, RN, this Task Force is corqhed of Wil Iiarn ‘A,j’~tjieyjj~mmittee Chuimen Chester A. Rude; George C, Griffith, MD; Hen&’ B.’ ilunla~,’ “MPH; Lee D. Gidy, MD; Milford G. Wyman, Ml) and AAG members sol Bernstein, MD; Martin Cn/mrlner MD; -Clifton Q. Dummett, DDS; Miss Evelyn M. Hami 1, RN,;. Raymond M, Kay, MDi Mrs. Myrtle ‘-Silver; [email protected] Tuylor and Richard E. Osgood, MD. “ Targef Groups--ethnic, geographic or economic classifications or high risk types for disease categories particularly relevant

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