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A Study on Consulting Needs for Women Owned Business across the Business Life Cycle Stages of the type of Start-Up Business

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  • 여성기업
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  • 성장단계
  • Women-Owend Business
  • Consulting
  • Business Life Cycle


This paper analyzed the differences in need of women-owned business for consulting assistance programs in each of the four life cycle stages. Women entrepreneurs perceived the need for consulting services differently at each of the life cycle stages. The firms were each further divided in terms of the type of business(that is, general/opportunistic or technical/craftsman) to see whether this distintion influenced the need for consulting services. The findings showed there were found some statistically significant differences in the need for consulting area their growth stages between two types of entrepreneurship. Some guidelines for practicing women owned businesses as a result of this would include ; the first, it is important to identify what stage of the business life cycle the entrepreneur is in ; the second, certain problems are more likely to occur at different stages of the business life cycle ; the third, entrepreneurs regardless of type (technical/craftsman or general/opportunistic) don't normally have the skills of accounting, and finance internally and they must acquire them through various forms of outside assistance.

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